moving telecom forward

moving telecom forward

what we do

WE DEVELOP White Label Solutions for Telco Service Providers

We offer
trending OverTheTop (OTT) Mobile & Web Services
for Mobile Operators, Fixed Line Operators, Device Manufacturers, Telco Retailers.
We can help you
create new Revenue Streams, engage Subscribers, increase Loyalty, reduce Churn.
Cloud Storage - Cloud Communication - Remote Device Management - Security & Parental Control - TV & Video Streaming - Loyalty & Reward Schemes - Unified Mobile Marketing Channels
Cloud Storage
Cloud Communication
Remote Device Management
Security & Parental Control
TV & Video Streaming
Loyalty & Reward Schemes
Unified Mobile Marketing Channels


A suite that guarantees safe and controlled use of mobile devices by all family members.
Offer a value added service and prove a strong sense of corporate social response.


White label plug-and-play personal mobile cloud solution.
Enter the burgeoning mobile cloud services market and become a key player.
Boost revenue streams and increase loyalty of your subscriber base.


Multi channel TV OTT client development Video content can be accessed and managed in a unified way.
Provide your subscribers with high quality video content across multiple devices, mobile, web, pc.


Unified Mobile Marketing Platform that supports multiple delivery channels.
Smart devilvery to reach users with the right message, at the right time and place.
Engage and reward your users, increase downloads, activity and loyalty.
our partners
cyta vodafone
who we are
is a mobile technology powerhouse that consistently delivered some of the most innovative apps and services for some of the biggest brands in the mobile industry.
We conceptualize and implement
Mobile & Web Applications and Services boosting Mobile Operator Value Added Services Ecosystem.
We house
more than 60 experienced developers and UX experts that have developed over 400 applications and services across all popular mobile platforms, smart tv and the web.
Being agile development enthusiasts
we value the individual and not blunt processes, user experience over stacks of documentation, customer satisfaction over contracts and flexibility over executing plans.
ARX.NET has significant Research and Development ongoing activities in the following areas:
Cloud solutions and services, cloud storage, encryption technologies, security and blockchain
Mobile technologies, platforms and security
Big data analysis, customer insights/loyalty, analytics
TV, video, HBBTV streaming services
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D projects
Accessibility projects
IoT projects
Easy TV | HORIZON 2020 Easing the access of Europeans with disabilities to converging media and content
FRES | Flexible Recommendation Systems for Big Data
ΥποστηρίΖΩ | Support: integrated system to support the independent living of elderly people
e-skapani | Thessaloniki in the Age of Galerius: bringing a great period of the city's history to life, based on multidisciplinary research and state-of-the-art technologies | Development of an innovative platform for sharing Greek audiovisual productions and advertising
i-blue culture | Α novel 3D framework providing insuperable and real-time experience within live streaming
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